Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Iron Maiden's Stockholm 2013 Performance Already Sold-Out

The second date (after the Download festival) to be announced for the 2013 Maiden England European Tour was at the new Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. I mentioned this in an earlier post about the European leg being confirmed but I thought it was worth mentioning that only a few days after the tickets going on sale, the concert became completely sold out! This place has a 50,000 capacity by the way!

See more here: http://www.ironmaiden.com/spectacular-opening---iron-maiden-sell-out-new-stockholm-stadium-in-record-breaking-time.html

In other Maiden news, bassist Steve Harris' new solo album/ side project 'British Lion' has entered the UK Album Charts at 39 and the UK Rock Album Charts at 2. It was beaten to the No.1 spot by Green Day's new album 'Uno!'.

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