Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Essential Run-D.M.C. Released!

The brand new compilation album 'The Essential Run-D.M.C.' was released two days ago on October 30th. Even though I saw the album on AllMusic on the release day, I only just relealised that it was a new release today! *facepalm*.
Anyway, this is a 2 disc set making it the longest and most comprehensive Run DMC compilation to date.
Jason Nevins' 1998 hit remix of 'It's Like That' is omited this time but 'Christmas in Hollis' is included. This means that, like Ultimate Run-D.M.C., there are two tracks on this album which can not be found on any studio releases from the group (the other track is 'Here We Go').
It looks like this could be the best Run-D.M.C. compilation out there however, it lacks the DVD which was included with Ultimate Run-D.M.C. but if you just want the music, you can't do much wrong with this.

Check it out on AllMusic:

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