Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Maiden England '88 Coming to DVD, CD and Vinyl!

Just announced today was the impending release of Iron Maiden's 1988 concert video, 'Maiden England' which was filmed during the 7th Son of a Seventh Son World Tour and is coming to DVD soon. About time!
The show was originally released as a VHS/CD double pack in 1989 but has never been released since. March 25th 2013 will see the concert come to DVD, CD and Picture Disc Vinyl that will all feature extended versions of the show which have never been seen or heard by fans since the concert took place.  On top of this, a second disc, packed with bonuses, will be included.                

Oddly, there's no plans for a Blu Ray release at the moment but I still can't wait to get my hands on that DVD!                                       
It's also worth mentioning that these re-issues will all have new cover art, taken from the promo posters for the ongoing 2012/13 Maiden England World Tour, which is based on this video and the Seventh Son Tour.                                      

                                        File:Maiden England '88 DVD cover.jpg

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