Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Kiss UK Tour Confirmed for 2014!

Rumors have been circulating on the net for a while, but in an interview published yesterday on the Classic Rock magazine website, bassist Gene Simmons confirmed that KISS will be embarking on a tour of the UK in 2014!

In the interview, the Kiss co-founder likened the UK to Middle-Earth, saying it is "like the Hobbit world, a magical kingdom". Fair enough.

This will be Kiss' first UK tour since 2009's Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour and I for one am hugely excited as this will be my first chance to see Kiss in concert (I only just became a fan this year)!

Despite being mega-superstars in the US during the 70s, Kiss didn't achieve much success in the UK until the 80s, particularly during the 'no-make up' era, during which they had three top 10 albums (Lick It Up, Crazy Nights and Revenge reached numbers 7, 4 and 10 respectively) and the single 'Crazy Crazy Nights' reached number 4 in the UK single chart in 1987.

Aside from the news of the tour, the interview is still pretty interesting so give it a look if you're into Kiss.

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