Monday, 17 March 2014

Metallica-'The Lords of Summer' First Impressions

Last night Metallica premiered a brand new track live in Colombia. The song is titled 'The Lords of Summer' and some amateur footage has unsurprisingly found it's way online. Check it out:

The song seems to be very much in vein of stuff from 'Death Magnetic' ('Tallica's last album, 2008) in the sense that it sounds like good old fashioned thrash. It even has a guitar solo, so no need to worry about the four horsemen returning to the 'St. Anger' sound any time soon, as if they ever would!

The opening riff was my personal highlight of the song, sounding very thrash and reminiscent of the band's classic 80's material, particularly the '..And Justice for All' era.

However, it's worth bearing in mind that whenever Metallica have premiered songs far ahead of an album's release in the past, the final product has often ended up sounding very different. Still, things are looking very positive so far and I'm eager to hear more!

Metallica's next album is due in 2015.

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