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Ace Frehley to reunite with Paul Stanley on new covers album 'Origins, Vol. 1'!!

Yesterday it was announced that legendary guitarist Ace Frehley will be releasing a new album of covers this April, titled Origins, Vol. 1. This will be Frehley's first covers album and his seventh studio solo LP overall, following on from 2014's successful Space Invader lp, which debuted in the US Billboard Top 10 albums.

The album sees Frehley covering several classic tunes from the likes of Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and Cream, with guest appearences from Slash, Lita Ford, John 5 and more. However, the most surprising and welcome news is the announcement that Frehley's former Kiss bandmate Paul Stanley will be appearing on the album, singing vocals on the Free song Fire and Water.

This news came as a major shock to Kiss fans, as the Spaceman and the Starchild haven't exactly been on the best terms recently, if the headlines seen on rock websites across the internet are to be believed. However, both Frehley and Stanley have maintained that, while they certainly have their differences, they remain, in Stanley's words, 'family'.

In addition, the album will feautre newly-recorded versions of Kiss classics which were originally penned, but not sung, by Frehley. Cold Gin and Parasite are tracks which were written by Frehley during the early days of Kiss, but ended up being sung on record by Gene Simmons, as Frehley was not confident in his singing ability at the time. However, in the years since, Frehley took lead vocal duties on many Kiss songs and later began a successfull solo career, where he continues to perform such tracks, among other tracks.

Of further interest to the more hardcore Kiss fans is Frehley's decision to cover Kiss' Rock and Roll Hell, a track from the 1982 album Creatures of the Night, which was penned by Gene Simmons, aledgedly based on Frehley's then-iminent departure from the group. It should be cool to here Frehley's take on that hidden gem of a track!

Read more on this story and see the album's track lisiting over at Rolling Stone.

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